Posted on: February 12th, 2007
The Host trailer in Quicktime format-
(Poster art for the movie THE HOST)
Source:  Apple
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
If you head over to you can view the trailer for the Korean
monster movie GWOEMUL (THE HOST) in a Quicktime format. The movie is
said to hit limited theatres on
March 9th. Gang-du [Song Kang-ho] and his
daughter Hyun-seo [Ko A-sung] are at riverside food stall on a sunny
afternoon, when they notice a growing crowd taking pictures of a strange
looking creature, hanging from the Han River bridge. Without warning, it
jumps up the riverbank and starts indiscriminately attacking the crowd.

Gang-du and Hyun-seo try to escape, but in the melee, they become
separated. Panic soon turns to despair, as Gang-du watches the creature
snatch Hyun-seo before disappearing back into the river. With the
government taking control of the area, Gang-du appears to have lost
eveything he values in life...until he receives a mysterious phone call from
Hyun-seo, frightened, but still alive. Gang-du must infiltrate the forbidden
zone and try to rescue his daughter from the creature's clutches.