Posted on: February 25th, 2007
Info on House of Pain-
(Teaser poster for HOUSE OF PAIN)
Source:  Myspace
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
We've received info on an upcoming independent project called HOUSE OF PAIN.
Written and directed by Mike West, the movie is about a group of friends go to
Niagara Falls for a Vegas style weekend wedding. While there, they purchase
tickets for a haunted/fun house, and quickly discover that it is more than it
appears to be. HOP is currently in pre-production with casting and rehearsals from
the end of March up until the shoot date. The film will be shot on location at
various tourist attractions around Niagara Falls Famous Clifton Hill. The Midway
(arcade), The Sky wheel (ferris wheel) and lastly, Nightmares Fear Factory. This
is the first project for writer/director/producer Mike West who has been writing
and developing the script for the last 8 months. Having a nearly completed
feature length script and dreading entering the crap shoot of screen writers
everywhere; Mike decided it was a better bet to try to make the movie himself.

With little experience in Film Making, Mike reached out to his local community of
Toronto, and found willing participants to get his movie made.
"It wasn’t as hard
as I thought it was going to be. I put an ad on Craig list and found an abundance
of hungry film makers such as me and now things are moving at such a fast
pace I couldn't stop the train if I wanted to."
Not having enough money to make
the feature length version of HOP, Mike and his crew have decided to produce a
15 min version with the hopes of gaining enough interest to go back and shoot it
as a feature.
"There is so much story there in HOP that it was hard to decide
what to cut, and it was sort of like writing a brand new script, but in the end, if
the feature length does happen, it will be so much better for it!"

There is a production diary online that will chronicle the events prior to shooting
and then all the craziness afterwards trying to get it to go somewhere. You can
find more info for HOUSE OF PAIN over at the official
Myspace page and Road
Rage Films