Posted on: April 26th, 2007
Director comments on House of Pain-
(Shot of the HOUSE OF PAIN crew)
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
Source:  DVDActive
You ever wonder what it's like to make your own movie? Well we can give you
an idea as t how challenging it is. HF recently spoke with director Mike West
and he gave us his comments on filmmaking:
"8 months ago when I decided to
take my little screenplay idea and adapt it on my own, I had no idea what a
wild and crazy ride I was in for.  Making a movie is like a roller coaster with
extremely high peaks, and really low valleys."
West added, "Not having any
prior experience in film making other than watching a horror a week for the
last 20 years and reading every book, web post and behind the scenes
features, I embarked on an unknown journey that would test my emotions,
patience and sanity. The week prior started off a little rocky when I had to cut
back on crew members in order to save money and pick up those extra items
you surely never count on needing."  

It's pretty apparent to us that Mike here was anxious to make his own movie.
Mimke continued saying
"Getting through hell week was one of the hardest
things I’ve ever had to do, and even up until the night before, I had thoughts
of cancelling the shoot.  Hell week left me exhausted, emotionally drained and
with a former crew member threatening to sue me. With a television crew
scheduled to be on set for two days, and a couple of radio personalities doing a
cameo on the last day, there was no turning back now!"
Written and directed
by Mike West, the movie is about a group of friends go to Niagara Falls for a
Vegas style weekend wedding. While there, they purchase tickets for a
haunted/fun house, and quickly discover that it is more than it appears to be.