Posted on: June 1st, 2007
Nicholson ready to roll with Gutterballs-
(Poster art for the movie GUTTERBALLS)
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-Article written by:  Nightmare Child
Source:  Fangoria
Do you like bowling? Do you like blood and gore? Then you're in for a real
treat. According to Fangoria, makeup FX artist and LIVE FEED director Ryan
Nicholson gave word that he’s about to start shooting his second feature,
GUTTERBALLS. This combination of an American pastime (bowling) with a Euro
influence (giallo gorefests) being shot in Canada (Vancouver, to be exact) is
set during a “midnight disco bowl-a-rama” where the players get bloodily
slaughtered by a mysterious killer.
"Like Justin Timberlake taking sexy back, I’
m taking horror back to the balls-out stalk-and-slash gorefests of the ’80s,"

Nicholson tells Fangoria.
"We’re filming in a blacklight enviroment with insane
kill scenes that will give LIVE FEED’s infamous snake-down-the-throat scene
a run for its money!"

Nicholson, who’s also producing GUTTERBALLS with Dan Walton, Michelle
Grady and his father Roy, says his new movie will nonetheless have a tonal
difference from the first one.
"I’m going over the top with the sex and
violence, but where LIVE FEED was more cartoony and campy, GUTTERBALLS
is completely serious, and only via shooting it as such will any dark comedy
come out of it. I have homages to HALLOWEEN, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM
STREET, MANIAC and a few other groundbreaking horror masterpieces, as
well as keeping within the black-gloved/masked-killer whodunit theme of the
Italian gialli. The difference is that our villain wears a bowling bag as
headgear and uses balls and pins delivered via by a black-bowling-gloved
hand in his frenzied attacks."

Nicholson continues, "My new makeup effects company Life to Death FX is
handling all the gruesome death scenes, and Michelle Grady, my partner in
life and work, is in charge of killing off the cast in the most brutal ways I’ve
conjured up. I have a great young cast of Vancouver actors that have been
champing at the bit to bowl some GUTTERBALLS and kill or be killed. Do you
have the balls to watch it?"
The three-week shoot begins in early July, and
Nicholson aims to complete post-production in time for a fall release. Be sure
to check out the official GUTTERBALLS
Myspace page.