Posted on: June 1st, 2007
Nahon back to direct live action Blood-
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-Article written by:  Nightmare Child
Source:  Variety Asia
Word has it that Ronny Yu has dropped out of the directors chair for the live
action adaptation of BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE. According to Variety Asia,
Korean beauty Jun Ji-hyun, who starred in "Daisy" and "My Sassy Girl," has
taken the plunge by using the Italian-sounding moniker Gianna Jun. The new
name gets its first credit roll in BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE, the $35 million
vampire actioner now being helmed by France's Chris Nahon ("Empire of the
Wolves," "Kiss of the Dragon"). The English-language pic heads the Cannes slate
of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero" producer Bill Kong and his Hong
Kong-based Edko Films company. Screenplay is by Chris Chow and action
sequences are overseen by Corey Yuen. On a different scale Edko is also
repping "Secret," a $2.5 million romance that marks the directorial and scripting
debut of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou.

Chou, who starred in "Curse of the Golden Flower," toplines the pic opposite
"Blue Gate Crossing" actress Guey Lun-Mei. Based on the
anime, the movie
takes place in Japan, 1966. Saya is part of a secret team destroying daemons.
She is sent undercover as a student at the Yokota Air Base in Fussa-shi,
Tokyo, just before Halloween. She discovers that two of her classmates are
vampires in disguise just as they are preparing to attack the school nurse;
meanwhile, her colleagues have discovered another vampire acting as a
bartender in the local red-light district. A spectacular battle ensues.
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