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Posted on: June 25th, 2006
Source: Myspace
Plasterhead teaser trailer-
The underground news just keep on coming. We received word on an upcoming
independent horror flick called PLASTEREHEAD. This is our first post for the movie so
we don't know too much about it. What we do know is that a teaser trailer for the
movie has been posted over at the
official website and myspace page. Along with
that we posted up a huge batch of pictures from the movie.

Headed to Miami to celebrate winter break, a group of four college students from
New Jersey take a detour into the bowels of rural West Virginia. There, the
unwitting friends uncover a grotesque legend that stains the fabric of Rolling Glen, a
sleepy backwoods town: the legend of Ray Williams, a black truck driver from Maine,
on his way to Texas to make a delivery, brutally beaten by a band of locals after
stopping off in town for a drink, his body left for dead in an empty cornfield and
never found. They learn of crooked sheriff Earl Taggart, who helped acquit the
locals involved in the attack, and who still lords over the small village with an iron

Fifteen years later, whispers of the Williams incident still float through the tired walls
and eaves of Rolling Glen. As the four friends quickly find out, some believe Williams
still roams the woods on the outskirts of town, surviving on the slaughter of wildlife.
Others claim to have seen Williams in person, a looming figure with a ghostly white
visage, purportedly a makeshift cast to mask the scars and wounds left from the
merciless assault. They have a name for Williams now: Plasterhead.

Soon, the four friends find themselves holed up in an abandoned farmhouse, mired in
a macabre web of terror. Sheriff Taggart will do anything to keep the truth buried:
the truth that Plasterhead is frighteningly real.

As these teens will soon learn, true evil has no face.
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