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Posted on: June 25th, 2006
Source: When Evil Reigns
What happens When Evil Reigns-
It's great to see that we're getting more information on upcoming independent horror
films. Not too long ago we received word on an Australian film called WHEN EVIL REIGNS.
The film is said to be an epidemic horror film. It is feature-length, and is aimed at horror
fans and general audience members alike. WHEN EVIL REIGNS is shot on mini-Digital Video
and runs for 93 minutes. This movie is the debut feature for Australian brothers Luke and
Alix Jackson. Working with a budget of only $5000 and a technically inexperienced cast
and crew, Luke and Alix fought to develop the film from an ambitious dream into a
finished product. With a straight-to-DVD release lined up in the USA, 2006 promises to
be a big year for these brothers from down-under.

For our coverage we posted up some stills from the movie. For tons of other goodies you
may visit the official website over at
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