Posted on: July 2nd, 2007
Hazy Stew Prod. working on Dementia-
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We just received info on a new psychological thriller titled DEMENTIA (from
Hazy Stew Productions) and is set in the near future. Society has finally
fallen and mankind has reverted to a carnal state. The story follows a few
of the survivors left from the breakdown. They are trying to make there
way to a rumored sanctuary where other survivors like themselves have
held up. On there way they must overcome hurdles such as a rival gang
protecting certain territory and strife within the group itself. The ultimate
challenge they have in the end would be the fight against the Drakes. A
new kind of humanity which is in direct result to the carnal state of the
fallen. The outer shell of a human but the characteristics of an animal. All
comes to light in the end but with the biggest rivalry that has been building
since the beginning. The film is being shot during the months of September
and October with final rap being estimated the end of this year.