Posted on: July 16th, 2007
Clip from The Tattooist-
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A clip from the upcoming New Zealand thriller THE TATTOOIST (trailer)
has appeared online. Just head over to to check it out.
Also you can check out the film's official
website. THE TATTOOIST is a
supernatural thriller in which American tattoo artist Jake Sawyer (Behr)
is a global wanderer who explores ethnic themes in his designs. He
discovers the ancient tradition of Samoan tatau and is taken on a
devastating journey into Pacific mysticism. Directed by Peter Burger,
the film stars Jason Behr, Michael Hurst, Timothy Balme, Nathaniel
Lees, Nathaniel Lees, Robbie Magasiva, Stuart Devenie and Mia Blake.
Unfortunately that's all the information we have on the movie, but we
do know that a release date has been set for
August 30th, 2007.