Posted on: July 18th, 2007
Awaken the Dead DVD cover-
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(DVD cover art for AWAKEN THE DEAD)
The official DVD cover art for AWAKEN THE DEAD has been released. As
previously reported, AWAKEN THE DEAD will be released on
by Brain Damage Films. AWAKEN THE DEAD is a gritty, grainy
apocalyptic redemption tale with zombies. A genre-crosser, the film
combines drama, humor, action and horror and blends them together into
an entertaining whole. The elements: A former assassin turned priest. A
feisty recluse. An innocent Jehovah's Witness. An hard boiled ex-marine
and his Filipina wife. A mysterious watcher in black. A government
mastermind. A massive street pimp. And hundreds of zombies. With
surprising depth and humor, this film works on multiple levels.

More details, a trailer and pictures are available at the main
website. The
movie stars Gary Douglas Kohn (ALMOST FAMOUS), Lindsey Morris, Nate
Witty, Michael Robert Nyman, Paul Dion Monte (ROCKY BALBOA, COBRA),
Pro Bodybuilder Big Will Harris (BE COOL), Aurora Corcuera, Dominiqua
Alexis, Jeremy Jones, and more. AWAKEN THE DEAD is written and
directed by Jeffery McMichael Brookshire. You can also check out