Posted on: July 19th, 2007
3 new spots from The Psycho Legacy-
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(Robert Galluzzo with Hilton Green)
We have a very special treat for all you PSYCHO fans out there. If you head
Myspace page you can view 3 new video
"spots" or messages directed at you, the PSYCHO fans. The first is with Hilton
Green. Hilton was assistant director on the original PSYCHO and went on to
produce all the sequels. Also, Donovan Scott who played Kyle in PSYCHO 3.
Last but certainly not least is the adorable Juliette Cummins who played "Red"
in PSYCHO 3 (and whom genre fans also recognize as Robyn from FRIDAY THE
13th 5). THE PSYCHO LEGACY is a documentary being produced by the Icons
of Fright crew which chronicles the entire PSYCHO franchise - including the
original movie, but focusing on the sequels, as well as the TV movies, the
Robert Bloch novels and the Innovation comic books. For more info you can
heck out the official Psycho Legacy Myspace page and
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