Posted on: July 25th, 2007
Wallace to star in Alone in the Dark 2-
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(Shot of actress Dee Wallace)
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According to Moviehole, Horror Movie Queen Dee Wallace has signed to
star in the sequel to the Christian Slater/Tara Reid/Uwe Boll er, classic,
ALONE IN THE DARK. For some reason - I don't know what that reason
is since they're all about as freely available as grass - original director
Uwe Boll and stars Slater and Reid will not be returning. Rick Yune,
Lance Henriksen and Ralf Moeller will join the lovely Ms Wallace in the
film, written and directed by Michael Roesch. Yune plays the lead role
of Edward Carnby in the movie. Loosely based on the video game
franchise, the film will be about a group of supernatural crime fighters
who hunt down the witch Elisabeth Dexter. Shooting for the film begins
this August in New York and L.A. The film will be written and directed
by Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer.