Posted on: July 26th, 2007
Release schedule and poster for Them-
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(Poster art for the movie THEM)
Fangoria got a hold of the US poster for the French chiller THEM.
Somewhere in Romania; Clementine is finishing her day of teaching the
local kids French. On her way home she spots an abandoned vehicle
beside the road. She continues on unaware of what happened to its
occupants, a mother and her teenage daughter, the night before. Not
that it matters, as tonight, along with her writer beau Lucas, she'll find
out first hand. They're awakened during the night by strange phone
calls and the TV downstairs being turned on--but this is only beginning
of their night of terror as the phone lines go dead, the power goes out
and their car goes missing, as they're stalked and set upon by THEM!
You can view the trailer over at the film's official

Here's the release schedule for THEM:

August 3: Portland, OR, Hollywood Theatre

August 17: New York, NY, Cinema Village

August 24: Las Vegas, NV, Regal Village Square 18

August 24: Chicago, IL, AMC Loews Pipers Alley 4

August 24: Seattle, WA, AMC Loews Uptown 3

August 31: Cambridge, MA, Landmark Kendall Square

August 31: Washington, D.C., Landmark E Street Cinema

August 31: Philadelphia, PA, Ritz Five

September 7: Birmingham, MI, Uptown Birmingham 8

September 7: Los Angeles, CA, Laemmle’s Sunset 5

September 14: Denver, CO, Tamarac Square Cinemas

September 14: Salt Lake City, UT, Regency Trolley Square

More cities will be added shortly.