Posted on: August 6th, 2007
Whisper trailer on youtube-
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(Shot from the movie WHISPER)
The official trailers for the upcoming Universal movie WHISPER is up for
viewing on
youtube. In the dead of winter, the kidnapping of a young
boy results in fatal consequences in this supernatural thriller. All Max
Truemont (Josh Holloway, star of TV's smash hit Lost) wants is a chance
to make a fresh start with his fiancée Roxanne...but a bank loan is not
easy to get when you're a felon who's previously been convicted of
manslaughter. Max's last resort--and only remaining choice--is to team
up with two shady associates hired by an absent mastermind to kidnap
the son of one of the richest women in the state.

After Max abducts the eight-year-old, he joins Roxanne and the fellow
conspirators on an eerie, unsettling drive to their secluded winter
hideout, an abandoned summer camp. As they await ransom instructions,
the group begins to turn on each other as past suspicions, betrayals and
secrets inexplicability come into play. When the escalating events take a
horrific turn, it soon becomes apparent to Max that the child may not be
the innocent he first appeared to be.
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