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Posted on: August 8, 2006
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An update on Necrophobia-
We have been informed that Odyssee Pictures has a brand new website with a lot
of new coverage on their feature horror film NECROPHOBIA, currently in post-
production. In the site you will find some great stuff in the press room including a
trailer, music video and production stills, there's an on-set photo gallery, and a
new video production diary series. Just head over to
odysseepictures.com for all
the good stuff. Necrophobia is a feature horror film written, directed, lit, shot and
edited by Stacy Davidson, and it features ghosts, carnival freaks, headless
people, a tentacled monster, a skeletal demon creature, a psycho slasher with a
huge, rusty auto-sickle, leather/spike clad warriors from a Dante's Inferno-like
"DeadWorld", and of course the walking dead. There are dozens of practical latex
F/X and over 100 CG F/X shots, all done by Odyssee Pictures as well.

Necrophobia is "old school." The cinematography is dark, but vibrant and colorful,
a style similar to Suspiria and Inferno. The film structure is one that shifts from a
classic horror style (Vampyr, Nasferatu), to a more 80's style in the second act,
and becomes a balls-out, guns blazing action/horror film in the third act (shades
of Aliens.) During the unusually hot summer of 1999, a maniac slasher known as
The Angel of Death is stalking the shadows of Texas and folks are keeping their
windows shut and their doors locked. Jerrod (Jude Hickey), a twenty-something
hitchhiker down on his luck, comes upon a help wanted sign for a suspicious
looking roadside haunted house called "ScreamWorld". His four-mile hike to the
facility is a skin-crawling experience in which he is stalked at every step by
strange, creeping phantoms that take the form of shadows.

He finds the gargantuan haunted house a ghost town, whose only denizen seems
to be a hulking beast by the name of Bo Jack (Juan Carlos). After becoming
thoroughly lost inside the dark complex, Jerrod discovers the Gimp Pit, a narrow
hall leading to a series of steps. As smoke rises from the top, a hatch flies open
and Buferd (Leo Wheeler) rises wearing a gas mask, violently shoving a shotgun
into Jerrods face. He drags the terrified hitchhiker to his boss, Mr. Joad (Frank
Page), who decides that Jerrod may be worth more as an electrician than as a
corpse. The next day, Jerrod begins to suspect that the attractions locked up in
the still-under-construction basement area of the haunted house, known as
"Necrophobia: Museum of the Damned and the Depraved", may be something far
more dangerous than plastic skeletons in rubber chains.

As the crowd outside grows and metal bands rock the stage, a van full of radio
station deejays pull up for a live remote broadcast from within the haunted house.
It is an hour into the live broadcast... and the power begins to fail. Buferd
nervously un-racks his shotgun. Jerrod searches the shadows for faulty wiring.
Lisa (Sawyer Davis) calls out in the dark for her lost nephew. Tensions rise to a
fever pitch with the deejays. Arguing ensues. Drunken passion. Drugs. And with
the drop of a curved and rusty blade, a single head rolls across the metal floor
and drops into the open hatch of the Gimp Pit. The Angel of Death is among us.
Before the night is done, more blood will fly, more heads will roll, Griffins museum
of undead sideshow freaks will be unleashed upon the terrified customers... and
that's only the beginning.
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