Posted on: August 14th, 2007
SJW and Grindstone to release 100 Tears-
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Source:  Fangoria
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(Shot from the movie 100 TEARS)
According to Fangoria, writer/producer/actor Joe Davison passed on
the good news that 100 TEARS, his killer-clown gorefest has been
picked up for U.S. distribution by SJW and Grindstone Entertainment,
with DVD release slated for sometime by the end of 2007. The DVD is
said to feature a 105-minute version of the film plus a commentary
track by director Marcus Koch and Davison. Also expect one hour of
featurettes on the production, effects, costuming and sets; outtakes;
and a gag reel. 100 TEARS is a grim and twisted horror film from
director Marcus Koch that explores the depths of depravity in which
the human mind can ultimately sink.

Saturated with graphic violence, and extreme gore, 100 Tears aims to
give gore hounds what they've been wanting for years. Mark (Joe
Davison) and Jennifer (Georgia Chris) are two daring tabloid reporters,
seeking out a bigger better story, which leads them into the bizarre
world of a serial murderer known only as "The Teardrop Killer". Hot on
his bloody trail, they begin to piece together the things that make him
tick, eventually finding themselves fighting for their very lives, deep
within his cavernous house of horrors.