Posted on: August 30th, 2007
This Hollow Sacrament DVD ad-
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Source:  Unearthed Films
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Filmmaker Greg Stechman provided us the DVD ad for THIS HOLLOW
SACRAMENT. This is the official sell sheet that will be a full page ad appearing
in magazines like DVDInsider, Fangoria, Rue Morgue, etc courtesy of
Unearthed Films. As previously reported, Greg Stechman's ultraviolent horror
review) will be released on DVD worldwide on
November 27th through Unearthed Films and TLA Distribution. "Sacrament"
was filmed in around Sacramento and Nevada City between October 2005 and
March 2006. Based upon a series of true events, "Hollow" follows a haunted
Gulf War soldier (now a police detective) as he attempts to track down four
women who have become the obsession of a serial killer who targets rape
victims. The film follows the lives of the four women, as well as the people
surrounding them, in attempt to answer the questions that still linger today
regarding their deaths.

Stechman wrote the original screenplay based upon source material from
newspapers, magazines, and news clippings he studied while getting a degree
in Psychology at California State University Sacramento.The film stars Marcus
Shelby, April Potter, Anthony Falcon, Krystle Ferrin, Sheila McClay, Rob
Granados, Leslie Goodman, Aimee Sapp, Julian Ortiz, Ryan Pratton, Jacob
Leatherman, and Meaghan Sinclair. It was produced by Stechman, Todd
Gearou, Jon Rogers, and Lacie Oakley. Called by critic Nickolas Cook as "the
new original voice in horror," "Hollow" was Stechman's second feature film,
and the first to obtain worldwide distribution. Stechman has recently wrapped
the psychological thriller "Anxiety," based upon the short story by horror
author Michael Laimo. The trailer is available online at The "Hollow" DVD contains the complete and
uncut/unrated version of the film. Extras on the disc include a trailer, and
photo galleries. To view the cover art for the film, please visit Unearthed
Films' homepage at:

The DVD will become available to all in store and online retailers beginning
November 27th. For more information on the film, please visit the film's