Posted on: September 3rd, 2007
Reeker 2 coverage now online-
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(Poster for the movie NO MAN'S LAND: REEKER 2)
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We've just learned that a sequel is in the works for the 2005 horror film
THE REEKER. The new film will be called NO MAN'S LAND: REEKER 2 and
it will star Stephen Martines, Mircea Monroe, Robert Pine, Desmond
Askew, Valerie Cruz and Michael Muhney. The movie is currently filming
in California and should be out next year. The film tells the story of a
Sheriff and son duo, who are tracking down a group of bank robbers on
their way to Mexico, only to discover that they're being stalked by a
far more deadly enemy -- the Reeker. Unfortunately that's all the
information we have, but we did put up the poster for our coverage.
We'll keep you updated on the movie. The original REEKER will be
released on DVD
September 25th from Showtime Entertainment. You
can pre-order THE REEKER over at