Posted on: September 12th, 2007
Shot of Predalien in AVP-R-
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(Shot from the movie ALIENS VS PREDATOR: REQUIEM)
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Remember the end of AVP where we got to see the alien-predator hybrid?
Well it's been confirmed before that the little bastard would be in the new
AVP film. As shown in the trailer, Fox has sent us a still from ALIENS VS
PREDATOR: REQUIEM. In this new still it shows the lone Predator known as
Wolf fighting the hybrid creature. This new AVP film is guaranteed to
receive an R-rating, which means that we'll get to see all the good stuff.
Aliens munching on skulls, Predators skinning unworthy prey and a dozen or
more head shots (as shown in the film's gruesome trailer). Let's just hope
that it will correct the mistakes made by Paul W.S. Anderson.

In this follow-up to the worldwide disappointing hit ALIEN VS. PREDATOR,
the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, wage war
in an American Midwestern town - with the residents caught in the middle.
Written by Shane Salerno and directed by Greg and Colin Strause, the film
stars Reiko Aylesworth, Shareeka Epps, Gina Holden, David Hornsby, Johnny
Lewis, John Ortiz and Steven Pasquale. The film will be hitting US theatres
December 25th and in the UK on January 18th.