Posted on: September 15th, 2007
APSK 2 is in the works-
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(Poster art for APSK 2)
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Source:  Alter Ego Cinema
We've just received word that AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 2 is in the
works. The new chapter to the widely critically acclaimed, award-winning
controversial feature is gearing up for production. The original “Amateur
Porn Star Killer” was groundbreaking for many reasons. The first is that it
is known to be the cheapest feature film ever made (just 45 bucks!). The
second is that it had a cast and crew of just 3 people. It was also shot
almost entirely in one location: a cheap motel room. No lighting was
used. It took only 3 hours to shoot. The actors had no previous feature
film credits to their name (nor did the director). And it only took one take
to get it right (seen as it takes place in real time with the camera rolling
non-stop.) It features graphic sex scenes and a murder, and even with
little to no staging/blocking, everyone seems convinced.

Even more important, is that given all these circumstances, the film
managed to get a DVD distribution deal, a small theatrical run, and
outstanding reviews, plus a couple of online critic awards along the way.
What was “APSK” all about? A snuff film. Why should we be excited?
While others have looked to shock or disturb people with torture-porn
films, and faux snuff films featuring graphic violence, “APSK” features not
one drop of blood and not a minute of torture (at least physically). Still,
this miniscule movie has shocked more people with it’s realistic approach
than most recent Hollywood torture-porn films (i.e. “Hostel 2”,
“Captivity”, “Saw 3”). So, why make another? Good question. Director
Shane Ryan calls it “a further look into the mind of Brandon,” the Killer in
the movie. He’s a drifter, known to have murdered many women
throughout several states, and still on the prowl.

“Every victim reacts differently, each location/crime scene sets the
tone for a new experience, every chapter in Brandon’s life is different.
Think of the film as a book, with 3, 5, maybe 10 chapters. Hopefully
each chapter will capture further insight into Brandon’s mind, and/or the
mind of the victim. I simply find it fascinating and would love to take a
deeper look.”
Well, there you have it. Catch the first APSK in stores
November 6, 2007 and visit the Alter Ego Cinema
website to find out how
to get your name in the new film. You can pre-order the first AMATEUR