Posted on: September 18th, 2007
Zodiac: Director's Cut DVD specs-
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(Shot from the movie ZODIAC)
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Source:  DVDActive
According to DVDActive, Paramount has announced ZODIAC: Director's
Cut which stars Jake Gyllenhaal. This David Fincher directed thriller will
be available to own on
January 8th. Based on the novel by Robert
Graysmith, a serial killer in the San Francisco Bay Area taunts police with
his letters and cryptic messages. We follow the investigators and
reporters in this lightly fictionalized account of the true 1970's case as
they search for the murderer, becoming obsessed with the case. Based
on Robert Graysmith's book, the movie's focus is the lives and careers of
the detectives and newspaper people.

Extras will include a commentary by David Fincher, a second commentary
by Jake Gyllenhall, Robert Downey Jr, Producer Brad Fischer, James
Vanderbilt and James Ellroy, a Zodiac Deciphered documentary, a Visual
Effects of Zodiac featurette, a Digital Workflow featurette, and sequence
breakdowns (Blue Rock Springs, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco).
Completing the package will be a This is the Zodiac Speaking featurette,
a featurette on Linguistic Analysis, a His Name Was Arthur Leigh Allen
featurette, Jeopardy Surface: Geographic Profiling, Dr. Kim Rossmo's
Geographic Profile of the Zodiac, The Psychology of Aggression:
Behavioral Profiling, Special Agent Sharon Pagaling-Hagan's Behavioral
Profile of the Zodiac, trailers and TV spots.