Posted on: September 24th, 2007
New release date for Amusement-
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(Shot from the movie AMUSEMENT)
Source:  IMDB
We haven't had an update for this since March. We're here to let
you all know that the release date for AMUSEMENT has changed.
Expect the film to hit theatres on
April 25th, 2008. The movie is
about three women who are made to suffer by a killer using their
childhood grudge against them. The Picturehouse horror movie has
long since wrapped filming and is still in post-production stage.
Directed by John (FREEZE FRAME) Simpson from a script by Jake
Wade (WHEN A STRANGER CALLS) Wall, AMUSEMENT follows three
young women played by Katheryn (SATAN’S LITTLE HELPER)
Winnick, Laura Breckenridge and Jessica (THE COVENANT) Lucas
through horrific experiences linked to their childhood.
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