Posted on: September 24th, 2007
Evilution coverage now up-
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(Poster art for the movie EVILUTION)
Source:  Evilution
We posted up our coverage for the upcoming movie EVILUTION. In the
movie a microscopic alien life form has been discovered with the ability to
possess the living and resurrect the dead. The United States Army has
tried to communicate with it but failed. Instead, the military has tried to
create a genetically altered version of the alien in order to resurrect dead
soldiers on the battlefield. The alien fights back; turning soldier against
soldier. A young scientist named Darren Hall kidnaps the last pure specimen
of the alien, determined to reverse the damage the inflicted and learn the
secrets of life. Hiding in a mysterious apartment building named The
Necropolitan he continues his experiments. On one fateful night, the alien is
set loose upon the unsuspecting tenants resulting in a new evolution in
apocalyptic horror as infected tenants attack the unsuspecting.

Turning them into a cannibal horde. Darren and a asmall group of surviviors
must now find a way to destroy the alien possessed before they can
escape into the city and bring forth the end of the human race. Written
and produced by Brian Patrick O'Toole, the film is directed by Chris Conlee.
EVILUTION stars James Duval, Noel Gugliemi, Jonathan Breck, Guillermo
Díaz, Peter Stickles, Nathan Bexton, Tim Colceri, Kristin Novak and Eric
Peter-Kaiser. For more info you can visit the official
website and you can
view the official trailer over at
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