Posted on: September 24th, 2007
Get ready to Holla on the 9th-
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(DVD ad for the movie HOLLA)
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We're here to remind all of you that the black slasher flick HOLLA will be
hitting DVD shelves on
October 9th. The story goes like this; Monica St
John, star of the popular sit-com "Baby Gurl" and six of her closest friends
stuff into her SUV and head for a weekend escape at Camp Diamond Creek, a
remote cabin in the mountains. Along the way, the gang spots Monica's
boyfriend Dwayne's ex-con cousin Troy hitch-hiking and reluctantly picks him
up. As the gang arrives at the cabin, Monica's agent also arrives uninvited
with his date hoping to convince Monica to renew her contract. Soon after
the gang settles in, Dwayne proposes to Monica and the gang plans a small

Troy is sent for a bottle of champagne from the kitchen. While away, a news
story implicates Troy in connection with a brutal murder. Dwayne tries to
reassure the gang that Troy isn't capable of murder. Just as Dwayne
professes Troy's innocence, the lights go out and folks start dying. Is it Troy
the convict, Greg the agent, Dwayne the boyfriend, or one of the "hater"
friends? Who knows. . . who's next? Directed by H. M. Coakley, the film stars
Shelli Boone, Young Sir, Charles Porter, Michael Bergin and Kimberly Barnett.
You can pre-order HOLLA over at