Posted on: September 26th, 2007
99 Pieces official festival schedule-
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(Poster art for 99 PIECES)
After almost a year since it’s wrap, Falcons Productions 99 PIECES has a busy
Halloween season lined up. Since it’s completion in January, the film has
already taken home the award for Best Horror Film of the Year by the Bare
Bones International Film Festival and an Official Selection at the Independent
Features Film Festival at the world famous Tribeca Cinemas in NYC. Now with
the dark season around the corner 99 PIECES has finally taken the nation by
storm. The first weekend in October (Oct 7th, – 8pm) marks the Third Official
Selection at the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival in Hollywood, CA, where the
film screens for audiences at the beautiful Chaplin Theatre located inside
Raleigh Studios, the longest continuously operating studio in the country. The
second weekend in October (Oct 14th – 5:30pm) marks the Fourth Official
Selection for the film, which screens at the Spooky Movie Film Festival in
Washington D.C. Spooky Movie calls the film Claustrophobic, intense with
superb acting and direction.

Following up in D.C, the third weekend in October (October 19th and 20th)
the film receives it’s Fifth Official Selection in Tampa Florida at the 5th Annual
Halloween Horror Picture Show which will be held among a special Halloween
treat for guest because the festival is now part of an annual
Halloweenapalooza; a weekend filled with films, tricks, treating, games and
much more. Taking a break for a few weeks until the second weekend in
November (November 16th-18th) 99 PIECES takes the honored spot among
many other great films with it’s Sixth Official Selection at the After Dark Films
and Bloody-Disgusting Horror Hound Weekend in Indianapolis. In it’s second
year the festival contains more than 25 guests ranging from John Landis to
Gunnar Hansen. Finishing up it’s festival run, Writer/Director/Star - Anthony
Falcon will be attending the coveted Beloit International Film Festival running
January 17th-20th 2008. The Beloit Festival will mark the Seventh Official
Selection for the film 99 PIECES.

The Beloit festival has been called, “One of the four alternatives to
Sundance”, by the New York Times as well as “a must see event” and “the
next big thing” by Movie Maker Magazine. 99 PIECES tells the story of Joshua
Licet who must lock board himself in his home for 40 days and nights while he
must live through the loss of food, water, electricity and much more, while
discovering a puzzle of lies and deception about himself, his wife and his
family. Falcon recently said,
“the press, screenings and acclaim that “99
Pieces” is taking home shows you it’s not all about the body count and
bloodshed; a quality audience still loves a good story as much as a dead
body. As long as people continue to watch, I’ll keep giving them more story
and twist than bloodshed and bodies.”
Falcon who just relocated to LA has
hooked up with one of LA’s biggest agencies - CAA (Creative Artist Agency)
to cook up some brand new Horror for the coming year.