Posted on: September 29th, 2007
Misterio Sr lets loose in Wrestlemaniac-
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(Poster art for WRESTLEMANIAC)
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We've just received word that the wrestling slasher flick WRESTLEMANIAC
will be hitting the US. The film will be getting a DVD release thanks to
Anchor bay next
March. The DVD release is said to coincide with the major
WWE event Wrestlemania. Previously titled EL MASCARADO MASSACRE and
Rey Misterio Sr. On their way to Caba San Lucas, the cast and crew of a
low-budget film get lost and come upon "La Sangre De Dios", a ghost town
with a spine-tingling legend about an insane Mexican wrestler. The leader
of the pack and first time director, Alphonse, likes the town's gritty
appearance and decides it would be the perfect setting for his film.

The crew positions the camera and snaps on the lights. When Alphonse
yells "Action!", it arouses the famous and now insane Luchador, "El
Mascarado" (The Masked Man), who begins a game of his own. One by one,
the cast and crew are snatched, beaten and dragged to a bloody death.
The few left alive must figure out how to beat the wrestler at his own
deadly game, or die trying. Written and directed by Jesse Baget, the film
stars Rey Misterio Sr, Irwin Keyes, Adam Huss, Leyla Razzari, Margaret
Scarborough, Jeremy Radin, Catherine Wreford and Zack Bennett.