Posted on: October 1st, 2007
Basement Jack wraps plus new pics-
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(Shot from the movie BASEMENT JACK)
Source:  Fangoria
According to Fangoria, the film BASEMENT JACK has wrapped filming. Also
we've posted up the exclusive pictures onto our coverage. BASEMENT
JACK tells the tale of Karen Cook, lone survivor of seventeen-year-old
‘Basement Jack’ Riley’s first killing spree that left fifteen people dead and
destroyed four families. She has been haunted by nightmares for eleven
years. Then, Karen learns that Riley has been released from a state
institution due to a legal technicality revealed at his ten-year sanity
hearing. Karen knows that madness never dies and that eventually Riley
will target more families and kill again. Written by Brian O’Toole and
directed by Michael Shelton, the films stars Lynn Lowry, Michele Morrow,
Samuel Skoryna, Tiffany Shepis, Steve Felty, Joel Weiss, Kyle Sanders,
Joel Brooks, Billy Morrison, Noel G and Nathan Bexton.
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