Posted on: October 1st, 2007
Reynolds to script Nightmare Academy-
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Source:  Hollywood Reporter
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(Shot from the Nightmare Academy book)
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According to the Hollywood Reporter, David Reynolds has been tapped to
write NIGHTMARE MAN, Universal's adaptation of the kid-lit series by Dean
Lorey. Stephen Sommers and Bob Ducsay are producing. The trilogy, the first
book of which was published in August by HarperCollins, is set in an academy
that trains young adults who are responsible for policing nightmares. Last
year, Universal bought the rights to the trilogy for high-six figures. Reynolds
made a name for himself in the animation field, with credits including "A Bug's
Life" and "Chicken Little." He shared an Oscar nomination with Andrew
Stanton and Bob Peterson for writing "Finding Nemo" and worked on "The
Secret Life of Walter Mitty" for Fox. Reynolds is repped by Generate and
Ziffren Brittenham. It's hard to fit in when your nightmares open portals to
the Netherworld, where horrible creatures live—like the class 3 Netherstalker
that invaded a sleepover and tried to eat the other children.

Luckily there's a place for Charlie—the Nightmare Academy. Built from
wrecked ships set in the branches of the world's most incredible tree fort, the
Academy trains people to use their unique gifts to fight the monsters that
rush in when the lights go out. But Charlie is far more powerful than anyone
ever imagined, and his entrance exam opens a portal straight to the heart of
the Netherworld, where ultimate evil plots Earth's destruction. He'll need all
his cleverness—and the help of his new friends—to save himself and his family
and to put these bad boys to bed once and for all. The monsters under your
bed are real! But never fear—the Nightmare Academy will train Nethermancers
and Banishers like you to destroy them!