Posted on: October 2nd, 2007
Spyglass to remake The Brood-
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Source:  Variety
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(Shot from David Cronenberg's THE BROOD)
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Knowing that the remake for SCANNERS will be made, it's no surprise
that other Cronenberg films will be remade as well. According to
Variety, Spyglass Entertainment has acquired the rights to remake
David Cronenberg's horror classic THE BROOD. Cory Goodman has
been tapped to pen the screenplay. Based on a pitch by Goodman,
the psychological/supernatural thriller centers on a woman who
undergoes medical treatment that causes her inner rage to
physically manifest itself. Clark Peterson will produce alongside
Spyglass' Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber and Jonathan Glickman.

The original "Brood," released in 1979, was one of Cronenberg's
earliest pics. The Canadian helmer, whose EASTERN PROMISES is in
theaters, is enjoying something of a renaissance. A remake of
Cronenberg's 1981 film SCANNERS is also in development, with
Darren Lynn Bousman attached to direct for Dimension Films.
Goodman's writing credits include PRIEST, which is set up at Screen
Gems, and KUNG FU at Warner Bros., with Legendary attached to
produce. The scribe also worked on KILLER'S GAME for Intermedia.