Posted on: October 2nd, 2007
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We haven't had an update on this movie since February. Now we're
here to give you the full DVD specs. On behalf of Genius Products and
The Weinstein Company, we are pleased to announce the DVD release
of BURIED ALIVE. Terror Is Taken To The Next Level With The Latest
Release From Genius Products And The Weinstein Company’s Dimension
Extreme Label on DVD
October 23rd. Explore the deepest, darkest
depths of terror with BURIED ALIVE, the latest modern monster-piece
to be brought to life on DVD under the Dimension Extreme label from
Genius Products and The Weinstein Company. Directed by Robert
Kurtzman (Wishmaster), the legendary special make-up effects artist
(Goldmember, The Green Mile, The House on Haunted Hill), and starring
Tobin Bell - the depraved Jigsaw killer in the Saw trilogy.

BURIED ALIVE also features a cast of hot young victims, including
newcomers Leah Rachel, Erin Lokitz and Steve Sandvoss. In the movie
A group of college friends staging a sorority prank take two freshmen
to an abandoned ranch house deep in an isolated desert canyon.
Everyone is there to help “initiate” the omega tao pledges, but one of
the boys in the group, Zane, has a secret agenda – he’s come to the
house to unearth a fortune buried by his great-grandfather. However,
to everyone’s grisly dismay he unearths an empty coffin, a fatal curse,
and a ghost who seeks vengeance on his family’s bloodline. You can
pre-order BURIED ALIVE over at
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