Posted on: October 2nd, 2007
Noctem coverage now up-
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Source:  Quiet Earth
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(Shot from the movie NOCTEM)
Here at we love to speak about the unknown. We talk
about the down and dirty low budget material that the other websites would
never dare to touch. Today we've posted up info on a rare German zombie
movie called NOCTEM, which is from writer/director Jens Wolf. If you're into
decaying zombies who eat flesh, then this might be your cup of tea. NOCTEM
was recently reviewed on the website
Quiet Earth, which is dedicated to all
things post apocalyptic with a good helping of zombie/scifi/cult/horror movies.
The film received a good review, and it caught our interest. So we're hoping
to post enough coverage to get this zombie film noticed and get released
here in the United States.

It's low budget, but it looks very cool. You can view the trailer over at our
coverage or straight on
youtube. We know how much you sick bastards love
zombie movies. In the movie Kusey and Amy, two lonely civilians are trying to
survive in a world populated by zombies. They try to find a group of Rednecks
to be safe, but the undead are everywhere. Together with Redneck Mike,
they barricade themselves in an old house to fight the undead...but they
didn't reckon with the apocalypse. Written and directed by Jens Wolf, the film
stars Michael T. Hauber, Werner Köchel and Andrea Schönherr.