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(Shot from the movie NIGHTMARE MAN)
Although we've already reviewed this movie last year and watched so many
times, we figured it would be proper to mention it again since it's apart of this
years After Dark Horrorfest. It's well worth revisiting, that's for sure. For the
website we posted up our coverage for NIGHTMARE MAN. The film is one of
the latest from director Rolfe Kanefsky, the same guy who brought us
CORPSES and THE HAZING. The film is about a woman named Ellen who
receives a hand carved mask in the mail that she assumes to be the god of
fertility. However, when she opens up the box she is disgusted by its
horrifying demonic face, and insists her husband Bill gets rid of it. Later that
evening when the lights unexpectedly go out, Ellen is tormented by a man
wearing the mask (or is it a man at all?). After being brutally attacked, Ellen
has since been plagued by the images of what she calls the Nightmare Man.

Her husband convinced by the psychotherapists she is a paranoid
schizophrenic, he decides to take Ellen to an institution. During the car ride
there, Ellen pops pills and does her best to convince her husband she isn’t
crazy. The car breaks done in the middle of the woods and husband Bill
leaves her to go get gas. No sooner then later, Ellen is confronted by her
nightmarish attacker as they embark on a life and death chase through the
woods where we then meet two young couples vacationing in a secluded
cabin. The film stars Gwen Davis, Robert Donovan, James Ferris, Blythe Metz,
Richard Moll, Hanna Putnam, Tiffany Shepis, Aaron Sherry, Jack Sway and
Luciano Szafir. NIGHTMARE MAN is one of the most entertaining films we've
seen last year, so it's great knowing that we get to see Tiffany Shepis kick
ass again on the big screen! Be sure to check out NIGHTMARE MAN during the
After Dark Horrorfest from
November 9th - 18th.
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