Posted on: October 18th, 2007
All Hatter M comics now available-
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(Hatter M Vol. 1 dust jacket cover)
We are pleased to announce that all Frank Beddor’s Hatter M comics by
with art by Ben Templesmith (of 30 Days of Night fame) are now available
in the graphic novel HATTER M.  HATTER M can be purchased exclusively
online at the Looking Glass Wars
website. Additionally, Frank Beddor’s
Princess Alyss of Wonderland will be available on
November 1, 2007. Enter
the exciting world of the real Alyss of Wonderland! Behold the stunning
proof that the fictitious little girl you have known as Alice was actually a
very real little princess named Alyss.  Assembled in this scrapbook are the
collected letters, journals, and art of the princess who fled her world of
wonder only to find herself alone in our world with nothing but her
imagination to sustain her.

In Frank Beddor’s The Looking Glass Wars, Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan
was ordered by Queen Genevieve to take Princess Alyss and leave
Wonderland after a bloody palace coup staged by the murderous Redd. But
while escaping through the Pool of Tears (the portal connecting
Wonderland to our world), crushing centrifugal force pulled them apart and
Alyss was lost. In this geographic parallel adventure, Hatter finds himself in
Paris, France in the year 1859 shockingly separated from the child he had
been sworn to protect. Unbeknownst to Hatter, Alyss had exited a puddle
in London, England. Lost and alone, she was befriended by an aspiring
author to whom she told the surreal, violent, heartbreaking story of her
young life only to see it published as the nonsensical children’s fairytale
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

But Carroll had got it all wrong. He even misspelled her name! Alyss had
trusted Lewis Carroll to tell the truth so that Hatter would find her and
bring her home. Instead, Hatter must endure a non-stop quest,
crisscrossing the globe for 13 years in search of the lost Princess. While
formidable with blades, a moment must be taken to introduce his signature
weapon, the Hat. Woven and blocked from a material not available in any
realm except the origins of wonder, the Hat, when hurled by his expert
hand, instantly unfolds into a circle of blades to attack or defend. The mad
odyssey begins here…
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