Posted on: October 16th, 2007
Tooth and Nail apart of Horrorfest-
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(Poster art for the movie TOOTH AND NAIL)
According to Fangoria, the movie TOOTH AND NAIL is the latest film to
be apart of this years After Dark Horrorfest. The film will be joining THE
BORDERLAND, MULBERRY ST and another film that has yet to be
announced. Written and directed by Mark Young, the movie is set in
2010, when gasoline has run out, civilization has collapsed and most of
the world’s population has either died or reverted to savagery. In an
abandoned Philadelphia, a group of young survivors hole up in a
deserted hospital and plan to rebuild society, but have to contend with
a group of vicious cannibals intent on making a meal of them.

TOOTH AND NAIL stars Michael Madsen, Vinnie Jones, Rider Strong,
Robert Carradine, Rachel Miner, Michael Kelly, Nicole DuPort, Alexandra
Barreto and Emily Catherine Young. After Dark films is gearing up for
Horrorfest 2, which will run from
November 9-18.
Source:  Fangoria
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