Posted on: October 19th, 2007
Hush wraps filming in New Jersey-
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Source:  SaintSinner
(The cast and crew of HUSH)
SaintSinner Entertainment, a South Jersey based independent film company
headed by three Jersey boys, Chief Executive Officer, director - producer -
screenwriter Brandon E. Brooks, President, actor - producer - screenwriter
Adam Ciesielski, & Vice President, director - producer - screenwriter Amel J.
Figueroa, recently produced it’s first feature film under the SaintSinner logo.
The film is a psychological thriller with horror elements titled HUSH. Based on
Figueroa's short story "It’s Always the Quiet Ones", HUSH follows the rapid
descent into darkness of a young man named Michael Rose. Rose has spent
years haunted by the evil that was his dead father, and the same amount of
time trying not to become an even crazier version of the very man responsible
for wrecking the early ages of his existence. He looks to the prospect of love to
possibly push the sinister nightmares of chaos and carnage away for good.

But he soon finds out that love just might not be enough, and that the sins of
his father may have left him on a road that leads only to death and destruction.
Figueroa will act as a producer and director, with his SaintSinner partners
Brandon E. Brooks and Adam Ciesielski, and another New Jersey based
filmmaker, David Von Roehm ( serving as producers. World renown
film/SPFX veterans Reggie & Gigi Bannister are acting as associate producers,
with Erick Ojeda and James C. Dean picking up the executive producing credit.
The HUSH cast will include Ciesielski (Fear of Clowns 2) in the lead role as
“Michael”, along with other up & coming talent like Brea Bee (The Eye of the
Tiger, Thrill of the Fight), Clayton Myers (Safehouse), Jeremy Zelig (“As the
World Turns”), Dennis Ronin (Murder Below the Line), & Mark Lassise (Fear of
Clowns 1-2).

The cast will also feature veteran actors Courtney Gains (Stephen King's
Children of the Corn), Bill Allen (Rad), Reggie Bannister (Bubba Ho-Tep), & Tony
Todd (Candyman). Gigi Bannister of Production Magic, Inc. will act as the
special effects coordinator, with veteran stunt coordinators Mark Mosier and
Jeff Wilhelm manning the film's stunt rigging. Principal photography for “Hush”
began on August 18, 2007, in Southern New Jersey for 15 shoot dates. For
more information about SaintSinner Entertainment and HUSH, head on over to, or to the official Hush MySpace page.
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