Posted on: October 23rd, 2007
Jessicka Rabid starts shooting soon-
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(Ad for the movie JESSICKA RABID)
We've just received word that principal photography on JESSICKA
RABID begins in about a week and a half. Pre-production is coming to a
close and there's word that Mario Salvucci will be doing the score for
the film. Also Matthew Copley, who has worked Reel before, will be
doing the special effects for the film. Rabid revolves around the tragic
hero of Jessicka who has been systematically abused by her family for
her entire life. Little did they know they were creating a monster.
Written and directed by Mathew Reel, the film is set to star Elske
McCain, Trent Haaga, Jeff Sisson, Cisiany Olivar, Faith Preston, Mike
Wyatt, Matthew Reel, Marcellus and Lloyd Kaufman. For more
information you can visit the official JESSICKA RABID
myspace page.
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