Posted on: October 26th, 2006
Semester's End coverage now up-
(Shot from the movie SEMESTER'S END)
Source:  Myspace
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Article written by:  Danny W.
We posted up a page for an upcoming independent feature called
SEMESTER'S END. The movie takes place on a college campus where a
second girl has just been murdered. The prime suspect, Professor Brown, is
an womanizer who has had relations with both victims. Rachel, Professor
Brown's graduate assistant and lover, must continue the class as well as
keep their secret hidden. Rachel starts to feel like she is being stalked by
the school Janitor as well as visits by her ex-lover and suspect at large,
Professor Brown. Trying to move on with her life she begins dating a
student, Mike, and a web of murder and suspense ensues. For more info
feel free to check out the IHTK Productions Myspace