Posted on: October 28th, 2007
After Dark violates Miss Horrorfest rules?-
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Something doesn't smell right. For the past week or so I've been noticing
some strange things concerning the Miss Horrorfest contest that's been
hosted on youtube.
I've read from various different sources that the
contest may be rigged somehow and that youtube voters may not be
the ones picking the finalists.
I have some evidence to prove this theory. If
I'm wrong, I'm asking you to PLEASE CORRECT ME! As most of you already
know, After Dark films has been hosting a contest for this years Miss
Horrorfest where women submit their video entry and if picked, YouTube
viewers can vote for their favorite contestant on the Horrorfest video page.
When it comes to the 8 finalists, 3 contestants were chosen from YouTube
and the remaining 6 from auditions across the country.

The 8 semi-finalist went to Los Angeles to film webisodes where viewers can
vote for their favorite. The first was supposed to air on the 22nd of October.
After Dark posted the first webisode on YouTube on the 26th, in the latter
part of the evening. The video features all 8 finalists, but it is still very
unclear how we vote for each one individually, which is how the winner is
supposedly chosen. Right off the bat, we know it's a little slow, but that's
fine I guess. The following announcement is on the Miss Horrorfest YouTube


The women competing for horror's most illustrious crown will be Melissa Jones,
Lorrisa Julianus, Nixon Suicide, Shannon Lark, sisters Molly and Bonnie
Morgan, Jeanette Roberts and Rainey Welch. The contestants will live in a
house and compete in a series of chilling competitions, all of which will be
broadcast on YouTube over the next week, giving viewers the chance to
vote for the next Queen of Scream. The top 3 finalists will be announced
right here on Youtube.

Another posting from contestant Rainey Welch's site:

"The three finalist will be announced sometime next week, and footage from
us competing in L.A. will be posted on YouTube starting Monday Oct. 22. The
winner of the new Ms. Horrorfest 2007 will be crowned in New York on
Halloween. You will be able to vote on each contestant at starting monday, by giving the contestant of your
choice five stars. Every vote counts, and youtube is the place to do it!"


Almost a week has past since, and the finalists have been announced. Only
this time 4 winners have been announced (instead of 3), and one of them is
Nixon from the SuicideGirls, who also happens to be sponsoring the event.
Here's part of the report from

"YouTube users had the ability to influence the selection of Miss Horrorfest
by viewing the entries and ranking them with stars. This year's winner, who
wins $50,000 and a one-year contract as After Dark Films' spokesperson, will
be crowned in New York City on Halloween."

Why didn't Horrorfest announce this on their site? It's very clear to me that
YouTube viewers DID NOT influence the final 4 (even though the sites say
there should be only 3?), and contestants Shannon Lark and Cheiko (with the
exception of Nixon) had the highest ratings on YouTube (Shannon Lark tied
with Nixon with 4.5 stars, and Cheiko 3.5 stars). Why only Nixon? How were
these finalists decided? Is this really a fair competition, especially when these
girls are competing for $50,000? Or is this just a slimy promotional bump? We
have further evidence that foul play may have been at hand.

This was brought to our attention today. After Dark actually has a CLAUSE
that prohibits them from taking submissions from sponsors
(i.e. Suicide
. Below is the clause, and I've also included a link to show that Suicide
Girls are in fact sponsors. The site has a promo code available to get a
discount on the fest. They also offered $100 to the first ten SG's to submit
their video.

The site says:

"If you want to get your all access passes for $5 off the regularly listed price
click here: Horrorfest all access pass

Enter the following code: _______"


It's pretty interesting that Miss Horrorfest is supposed to be crowned on
Halloween and YouTube viewers don't have a place to vote yet.
How much
do you want to bet the winner with be SG's Nixon?
To confirm everything
we just said, here's part of the official rules:

6.Eligibility, Verification and Affidavits of Eligibility and Liability Release and
Publicity Release

"The Contest is open to all legal U.S. residents 18 years or older (except
residents of Puerto Rico) who are not employees (or immediate family
members of employees), agents or affiliates of Sponsor, participating
vendors, or their respective promotion or advertising agencies. All entries
must be completed and filed in accordance with these Rules. All
Semi-Finalists, Finalists, and Winner are required to execute Affidavits of
Eligibility and Liability Release and, where legal, a Publicity Release permitting
the use by Sponsor of the contestant's name, likeness, video entry and
recorded footage of contestant during or relating to the Contest for
promotional or other proper and lawful purposes. No contestant will receive
a prize or coverage or reimbursement of any expenses of participation in the
Contest until he/she has executed the above-described affidavits and


Uhhh....Nixon is an employee of SG. She gets paid for her photos, worked at
the Captivity party for After Dark, AND she is one of the original members of
SG. So, correct me if I am wrong, but isn't After Dark going against their own
rules? Isn't this illegal? I'm not one hundred percent sure, but personally if
this were the case I don't think it's exactly fair when these women (the
contestants) put a lot of hard work and effort into their videos. Stuff like this
just isn't right. For further information you can check out the following links:
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