Posted on: December 11th, 2007
Ghosts 'n Goblins now on the Wii VC-
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(GHOSTS 'N GOBLINS gameplay)
For those of you that don't know, every Monday Nintendo releases 3 classic (in
terms of age) games in their Virtual Console store. The line up this week is very
interesting. Yesterday Nintendo released the classic NES title GHOSTS 'N
GOBLINS onto the VC store. Like every other NES title, you can download this
very challenging (but fun) game for only 500 points, which is exactly 5 bucks.
For a game that's still hard to beat even to this day, it's definitely worth the
price. But, if you're looking for something better in terms of graphics and
visuals, then we definitely recommend downloading either the Sega Genesis
sequel GHOULS 'N GHOSTS or the SNES counterpart SUPER GHOULS 'N GHOSTS,
which were both already made available on the Virtual Console for quite
sometime. It's strange to see that these games are being released at separate
times even though one might be a little older than the other.

Anyway, GHOST 'N GOBLINS is the game that started it all. GHOSTS 'N GOBLINS
is a difficult platform game in which you play as a knight, named Arthur, who
must defeat zombies, demons and other undead creatures in order to rescue a
princess. Along the way the player can pick up new weapons, bonuses and
extra suits of armor that can help in this task. The game is often considered
very difficult by arcade standards and is commonly regarded as one of the most
difficult games released for the NES. The game does have a two-player feature,
but in this mode play simply alternates between the two players.