Posted on: October 3rd, 2007
Chainsaw Mafia presents Viscera Film Fest-
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Source:  The Chainsaw Mafia
Online since: February 20th, 2006
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(Poster art for the Viscera Film Festival)
Viscera Film Festival Finally! A festival just for the chicks.

The Chainsaw Mafia, a horror production company specializing in film and
splatter theater, has created a brand new type of festival that is rather
exclusive. To qualify, submitted films must be directed and produced by
women. Viscera also has a special category for women-only productions,
giving out a monetary award of $200 to the winner. The online short horror
film fest has been spawned by the Viscera Series, which is a collection of
films, dance, theater, and photography made only by women, in every single
aspect of production. All Viscera material is published on
website. Viscera has come about to help raise the low ratio of women to men
in the horror genre, especially behind the camera. This fest is particularly
geared towards beginning female horror filmmakers.

For the winners seeking distribution, films will be placed on a Viscera DVD and
distributed on, which also houses a free networking
board for horror filmmakers. Each winner will be featured on the site as a
Viscera woman, and will remain up there with a bio, picture, and links to her
work indefinitely. The Chainsaw Mafia is teaming up with national and
international horror film festivals across the United States to help promote
Viscera. Several sponsors such as Pretty-Scary, Cadaver Girls, Shriekfest,
the South African Horror Fest and the San Francisco Independent Film
Festival support Viscera through different avenues of promotion.

There is no entry fee. Length of piece can be no less than 30 seconds and no
more than 10 minutes. The simpler the better is stressed to the applicants.
Deadline is October 15th. Shannon Lark is the CEO of The Chainsaw Mafia and
a director, writer, producer, and actress of both stage and screen. Lark runs
annual horror film festivals and writes a column for, a
website geared towards female horror professionals. Lark is also manager,
gore wrangler, and dancer for the Living Dead Girlz, a zombie dance troupe
based in San Francisco. For more ifo just head over to