Posted on: March 3rd, 2008
Hellbeat Series: Episodes 1-5:
Source:  Youtube
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Article written by:  Nightmare Child
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(Ad for the upcoming HELLBEAT movie)
For those who haven't been with us for that long, we've been showing
you the latest and greatest in indie entertainment. We've been pimping
out one of our favorite series of shorts, which will be adapted into a
feature film in the future. The series we're referring to is Sean Pettis'
grizzly and shocking HELLBEAT. Here at we view
short films all the time. We get them in our mail box and we get links to
them online. We've seen some good shorts and some ridiculously bad
ones. These short films are different. Not only have they caught our
attention, but they've grossed us out in more ways than one. We
thought it would be best to present them to you as each new episode
premieres. This time around, we're showing you the first five episodes
all at once, so be prepared for more bloodshed!

HF is proud to present to you the first five videos (4 previously
viewed) in the series of horrific events created by film maker Sean
Pettis. The last video below is the latest one. Episode V titled
ICEBOUND stars Ryan Snapp and Michele Wilson. This episode was film
at the stateline of California and Nevada. As planned, there will be 12
online ten minute episodes, with a special 13th episode to tie them all
together. The series will be compiled into a full length film and released
sometime around next Halloween. In order to see episode 13, you'll
have to do something special. Once again we'll have more on that later.
Hellbeat: Episode I "Encounter"

Hellbeat: Episode II "Digestion"

Hellbeat: Episode III "Reproduction"

Hellbeat: Episode IV "Redemption"

Hellbeat: Episode V "Icebound"