This lady needs no introduction. From Rohnert Park California, Christa
Campbell made her mark as the legendary Bettie Page in From Pinup to
Sex Queen: Bettie Page: The E! True Hollywood Story. She's recently
appeared in the films LONELY HEARTS, THE WICKER MAN (2006) and the  
horror sensation 2001 MANIACS.
Interview done by:
Paula Burr
Posted on:
October 15th, 2006
HF: Christa I would like to start with the beginning, can you tell me a little bit
about yourself?

CC: I’m actually from Rohnert Park California, I moved here after high school and
haven’t been back since.

HF: We have been seeing a lot of you lately, from Stuff Magazine, to TV and now
more and more roles in film. Your acting career is starting to really take off.
What brought you out to LA to pursue acting in Television and film?

CC: Actually I came to la for a New Years Eve party and never left! I just knew
this was the place I needed to be, I started modeling, and after awhile that got
pretty boring, and I was up for a challenge so I started pursuing acting.

HF: This is a little bit off the horror subject but I have to say that I'm a huge
Bettie Page fan. You got to play Bettie in From Pinup to Sex Queen: Bettie Page:
The E! True Hollywood. Can you tell me a bit about your roll, how you got
involved and what you did to prepare for that?

CC: When I went in to meet for that role I didn’t know very much about her, but
immediately I started to research her background and was quite taken with her
story, a couple of years ago I actually met Bettie she was up at the playboy
mansion sitting with Heffner and Anna Nicole smith, she was very nice a true

HF: So when you were growing up, did you have any particular horror movie that
scared you?

CC: I loved Poltergeist; it scared the crap out of me, and Twilight Zone, Evil Dead.
I love those Bruce Campbell films

HF: I'm a huge fan of 2001 Maniacs (2005); I love your roll as The Milk Maiden..
I think actually one of my favorite lines in the film you say.. "I prefer a non-
smoker." Man I love that scene. Can you tell me how you found this role and
how you met Tim Sullivan?

CC: Well I actually went to audition, and Chris Kobin the writer of 2001 saw me
and brought me back to read for Tim, he was the one I think who really thought I
was perfect. It was a lot of fun to play, we had a blast!

HF: Can you tell me what it was like on the set of 2001 Maniacs, and is there any
special moment you can share with us, something on set that you will never

CC: I will never forget the huge spiders we had there, they were as big as the
palm of your hand. They were falling from the trees and would crawl up your
body to stay warm! It was wild!

HF: How was it to work with the other cast members? They all seem to be just a
great bunch of individuals with so much character.

CC: It was like Dawson’s creek in Lumpkin! We had a very young cast so the
producers doubled as hall monitors.

HF: I believe, I even heard that there is now a memorabilia sculpture after the
Milk Maiden and Peaches (Wendy Kremer) character, that is limited addition and
people may purchase? I have not personally seen it yet. Can you tell me about it?

CC: Yes I am going to see it very soon, but I heard it is amazing it stands like a
foot tall I think I will be able to see it in London for our London premiere

HF: Now lets roll on down to revisit Pleasant Valley shall we... you are in pre-
production to start the next Maniac’s film: 2002 Maniacs. We will be seeing you
again as the lovely Milk Maiden. Can you gives us a peak into what she’s up to
this time?

CC: Yes, this time you will see her morph into a few different characters, I will get
wild and crazy this time, you will see a lot more of her!

HF: That sounds great! I am looking forward to it. I can't wait to see what she
has in store for us. You have recently done a few other films as well. Day Of the
Dead (Steve Miner) and The Wicker Man remake (Neil LaBute) with Nick Cage.
Can you tell me a little bit about where you filmed Day of the Dead? Also you got
to play a zombie. What was that experience like for you? Any problems with
make up?

CC: We filmed day in Bulgaria, we had so much fun! Steve miner is great he really
lets the actor do their thing, this film is going to be huge! It looks a lot like 28
days. It took me about 2 hours to get into the zombie makeup, there are 3
stages and when we turn we have to go through all 3, we had the makeup team
from Pirates of the Caribbean, so they are pros! It is really gory.

Our zombies have a special creepy look to them, which its where the lower
eyelids are pulled down to give a droopy look, I had a couple of panic attacks
during this process as a female getting her eyelids pulled down I was freaked
about getting wrinkles wearing the prosthetics all day, but I guess the skin goes
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