Interview done by:
Nightmare Child
HF recently had the opportunity to interview
Miss Macabri, who is a model for the horror
pinup site What is
Ghoul-Girls? Well you're about to find out!
Posted on:
January 14th, 2009
HF: First of all I just wanted to thank you Miss
Macabri for taking time off to do this interview.
We know you've been pretty busy lately.

Macabri: My pleasure!

HF: Tell us a little about yourself and what you

Macabri: I’m just your average half-crazed
horror fanatic with a disturbing obsession for
werewolves. Okay, maybe not so average. I
really love having my hands in a lot of projects,
so when I’m not working my day job I’m helping
out with sites like Ghoul Girls.

(Model: Anna Helianthus ~ Photography: Vamp Photo)

HF: How long have you been modeling for?

Macabri: A little over half a year.

HF: How does one become a member of Ghoul-

Macabri: All you need to do is sign up for a FREE
account to access all of the goodies the site has
to offer.

HF: If someone wants to become a model for
Ghoul-Girls, what is the process of doing so?

Macabri: Just go to the site and click on the link
that says Model for Us. From there you’re a
quick questionnaire and a few photographs away
from being considered to join our ranks. We’re
looking for all sorts of girls, so don’t be afraid to

(Model: Cortney Palm ~ Photography: Vamp Photo)

HF: The convention scene is amazing and it's a
great way to promote and sell your stuff. With all
the pictures and amazing items in your store, I
would imagine the amount of positive feedback
you get from your readers. What’s the reception
been like and how much does it affect your work?

Macabri: I’ve heard nothing but good things
about the site and the work we’re doing. It really
gives me a charge and motivates me to do the
best work possible for the site. As for the items
in the store, we’ve recently released a 2009
calendar. A DVD is also in the works with the
video taken during the shoots, and it will include
footage from some upcoming, never before seen

(Ghoul-Girls 2009 Calender)

HF: What can we expect from you and the rest
of the Ghoul-Girls in the near future?

Macabri: You can expect not only more of the
stellar work we’ve done so far, but an expansion
to that. We’re working on more site content such
as brand new sets, downloadable content, the
DVD I mentioned earlier, and much more. A
section was also recently added for my video
rants which I’m very excited about. It’s a project
that will never truly be finished.

HF: Thank you again Miss Macabri for your time.
We appreciate you and your work. Thanks for
taking time to answer questions for us. We wish
you nothing but the best. Any last words you
may have for our readers out there?

Macabri: I’d just like to thank the amazing and
dedicated team we have at Ghoul Girls. Candace,
Joshua, Chrissy, and Kurt are the best there is
and I look forward to working with them more in
the future.
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(Model: Anna Helianthus ~ Photography: Vamp Photo)

HF: Tell us about the Ghoul-Girls and how
things got started.

Macabri: By the time I got involved Ghoul
Girls had already begun carving out its niche
in the horror universe. I caught wind of it
and asked, in other words begged, to be a
part of it. So here I am.

HF: What separates Ghoul-Girls from all the
other modeling/pin up sites out there?

Macabri: Ghoul Girls is all about B-grade
horror, sexy girls and pin-up. I’ve seen
some photographers do sets involving
those things, but nothing quite like Ghoul
Girls. The site has such a dedicated team
and everyone is in it for what they love:

(Model: Chrissy Lynn ~ Photography: Vamp Photo)

HF: So if I were to become a member,
what neat little features am I entitled to?

Macabri: Becoming a member gives you
access to the photo sets, behind the scenes
images, the Ghoul Girls forum, articles, and

HF: How many models do you currently
have for the site?

Macabri: If I recall correctly we have
twelve, but we’re always looking for more.

HF: How do you like the convention scene?
What's it like spreading the word publicly
amongst other horror fans?

Macabri: Sadly, I haven’t been able to
attend a convention in my official capacity
as a Ghoul Girl yet. For now I’m running
around online to show people just how
unique and amazing the site is, and getting
it the recognition it deserves.

(Shot from Universal's THE WOLF MAN)

HF: This is something I ask to all the people
I interview, and it's usually the hardest
question to answer. What is your favorite
horror movie and why?

Macabri: This is actually an easy question
for me since my favorite movie also counts
as my favorite horror movie. I adore The
Wolf Man. While it has its flaws, there is
something that really reaches out to me. It’
s the tragedy and the horror of when bad
things happen to good people, and as we
know, that happens all too often. I’m also a
fan of the makeup effects of Jack Pierce,
and what he was able to accomplish at the
time is nothing short of amazing.

(Model: Crystal Von Morte ~ Photography: Vamp Photo)
(Macabri of