Born and raised in California, Pennie Orcutt has starred in Independent
film, commercials and soap operas. It wasn't long before Pennie started
producing plays, showcases and small film productions for her and her
friends to showcase their work. The transition to producer was natural
and Pennie now has her first producing project under her belt. "Death
By Engagement."
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Interview done by:
Paula Burr
Posted on:
October 12th, 2006
HF: It seems like everything is going really well? I saw you at Weekend Of
Horrors, Comic-Con, you have been busy to get the word out. I am glad that we
can help out in any way for you. Are we going to possibly catch a midnight

PO: Yes, I'm working on some Midnight possibilities.

HF: Are you thinking of doing another film anytime soon?

PO: Hopefully next year.

HF: So what will be your next move?

PO: I'm working on a thriller. Still some horror elements but more action.

HF: You are opening up the movie at festivals, then are we going to get a
theatrical release?

PO: We have been really fortunate to be in some great festivals. I'm really
looking forward to Brian Pulitos International Sci Fi & Horror in Phoenix. Brian and
his team do a great job. Midnight Madness screenings will be our theatrical
release. The film was shot on HD and Movie Theaters are set up for film. When
we do screen at festivals different equipment is brought in to screen the film
properly. To do a major city run the HD would need to be transferred to film and
the cost on that alone is outrageous. It doesn't make financial sense.

Something different... maybe a sequel, or are you waiting to see what the feed
back is? Seems the response this far has been very positive. We already have the
treatment for a sequel. I have been approached but we'll is cheap.

HF: If you have plans for another movie, would you do another horror film?

PO: I'd love to do another horror film. I've been reading scripts. So much of the
same, really violent stuff. Someone give me something interesting.

HF: Do you think there is to much violence in cinema today?

PO: No, I'm not bothered by violence but some films have gone too far for the
sake of being sick. I think filmmakers should make what they want, there is an
audience for that stuff.  I just won't rent them.

HF: Too much blood and gore? Or do you think go for it! MORE BLOOD! MORE

PO: Never too much if it's done with a purpose. Too much of anything becomes

HF: Can you tell me why you choose HD over film? Was it a budget issue or do
you prefer one over the other?

PO: HD is much more economical. You don't have to buy film stock which is very
expensive or cut the negative which is a very big expense. Don't get me wrong
HD isn't cheap but if you're not going to have a theatrical release I feel it's best to
put your money towards talent. HD can look like film if you have a good DP.
If I had it my way I'd shoot film. I still feel film has a sharpness and a depth that
any other format hasn't captured.

HF: I can see how that can get expensive. So you are making plans for film
festivals, can you give me a schedule for DEATH BY ENGAGEMENT?

PO: 2006 Sci Fi, Fantasy Horror & Supernatural Film Festival - Vegas
Friday October 13th

The Halloween Horror Picture Show - Tampa
Sunday October 15th

International Sci Fi, Horror Film Festival - Phoenix
Saturday October 28th &
Sunday October 28th

Melbourne Independent Film Festival
November 10Th

HF: Well Pennie, I think I’m going to wrap things up is there anything you would
like me to add? Anything you would like to tell the readers?

PO: Check out "Death By Engagement." It's different and fun but still has lots of
horror elements.
The End!