P.J. Soles is a blonde, snub-nosed actress of film and TV who fared
well in the 1970s, often playing less than wholly sympathetic vixens
such as the baseball cap sporting co-conspirator in CARRIE (1976),
P.J. Soles also appeared in HALLOWEEN (1978), THE DEVILS
REJECTS and the more recent DEATH BY ENGAGEMENT.
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Interview done by:
Paula Burr
Posted on:
October 26th, 2006
HF: I was wondering about what it was like to work with John, Debra and the
cast? You were with some great people. Donald Pleasance, Jamie Lee Curtis,
Nancy Loomis. You had mentioned the friendships formed while filming. Did any of
you ever think it would have such a following?

PJ: It was great working with all of the talented actors and crew. There was such
a feeling of contribution and acceptance on the set, the best I have ever felt. We
were involved in the "work" of the filming, and never talked about the "success" it
could have, that isn't really a topic when you are "creating", you create for art's
sake, not consciously for a financial goal or to gain a following. But I am amazed
at the fans and their knowledge of every detail and their sincere admiration of the
"original" HALLOWEEN. It's great.

HF: What was set like? Did you have any accidents?

PJ: No accidents...but I did trip over the dolley tracks with my big high cork shoes.

HF: Did you get the opportunity to meet Moustapha Akkad? His death was a
shock and a tragedy for us all. R.I.P

PJ: I met Moustapha Akkad a few times, but we never had an opportunity to talk
to him. It was a group situation, and we exchanged polite head nods. I feel
enormous sympathy for his family, as I do for all victims of suicide bombings. It is
a terrible tragedy for mankind that it is now 2006, and this is only as far as we
have come in our attempts to get along no matter what our beliefs. Very sad.

HF: Do you still have people come up to you and ask you questions about the

PJ: Yes, all the time.

HF: You had a small appearance in The Devils Rejects. How was it to work with
director Rob Zombie and cast?

PJ: It was really great, Rob seems to be the same creative artist that John
Carpenter is.

HF: What are your thoughts on the HALLOWEEN that Rob Zombie is directing?

PJ: I can't wait to see it or hopefully, be in it. I believe he will make it his own, and
his vision will be very modern and exciting.

HF: I just wrapped an interview with Pennie. What a fun woman. She has a very
interesting background as well. How close are you two?

PJ: She lives right down the street from me and my daughter babysits her
daughter all the time.

HF: In talking with her, I discussed how the cast was found. Is there something
to the friendly neighbor side? You live close by and she asked you to be in the
film? Or how did you come about this script?

PJ: Pennie thought that I would add my "horror" cult status to the project. I liked
the character, a quirky wealthy woman keeping her son alive.

HF: What was it like to work with Pennie and Phil?

PJ: It was pure pleasure, and not simply because they are friends, but because
they are professional, organized, creative and Phil has the ultimate "calm vibe"
that permeates the set.

HF: I got to watch the film, and I really love your character, Mrs. Starkington.
Could you tell me a little about your character for the readers?

PJ: She is someone I have never known, so I used pieces of some women I have
met in my life. Above all, she loves her son, and that I can relate to.

HF: Are you touring with the film to different film festivals?

PJ: Pennie and Phil are, and I go when I am able.

HF: What do you like best about DBE?

PJ: Its biggest attraction is the humor and the music score, and of course, the

HF: I felt that when watching it is still has horror elements but not so much gore,
and it has a story behind it. I had asked Pennie what she thought about horror
movies today being so violent, and not any story, filled with the shock factors to
get you scared. I love a good bloody scene as much as the next fan, but I do
love a story to follow. What do you think about that?

PJ: There should always be a story.

HF: What are your future film plans? Are we going to see more of you?

PJ: I have a few offers, so you will be seeing me.

HF: What are 2 things you would want the people to know about you that we do
not know already?

PJ: I am a great mom, and that I am most proud of. And that as I get older, I
appreciate my past and I am able to enjoy it more than when it was actually

HF: What kind of film would you like to do if given the chance?

PJ: A WWII love story.

HF: Any character that you would like to revisit?

PJ: My characters in STRIPES and PRIVATE BENJAMIN.

HF: What do you like best about DBE, why do you think people should go and
see it?

PJ: It is like a ride at an amusement park, it's not serious, it's not political, it's
entertainment, eat some popcorn, enjoy yourself, take yourself out of the crazy
world wind for a couple of hours. I mean besides the obvious that there is a great
cast. I feel people will like this film, because it has a "story" and it's a different
take on the comedy/horror films you see today.

HF: Well P.J. is there anything you would like to mention that I can tie in or would
like to tell the readers?

PJ: I am really honored that so many fans enjoy these movies that were the
definition of my youth, thank you for making me feel timeless.
The End!