Scott Goldberg is a film maker from the suburbs of Glen Cove,
Long Island, New York. He believes in putting out a product that
is true to what his vision is, and wants, as an audience, for them
to feel what he feels when he tries to portray emotion on the
screen. He is a horror movie enthusiest, but is not limited to just
making horror films, as he is into all types of genres.
HF: Tell us about yourself, who is Scott Goldberg?

Scott: First off, I'd like to thank you for the interview opportunity. I'm just a
normal guy trying to bring back horror movies to the way they used to be (when
they were effective and scary). I graduated from Five Towns College in December
2004 and had just finished my thesis film 'The Night They Came Back' with
veteran actor Chiko Mendez, and that had led us into working on my first film out
of college, 'The Day They Came Back'.

HF: Lets talk about your latest film. In your own words what is the film about?

Scott: The Day They Came Back' is about a virus outbreak that traces back to an
abandoned military compound, where the government has sent in Special Ops
Soldier Enrique Hernandez (Chiko Mendez) and his troop to find out the reasoning
to it. We shot at this wonderful location for the majortiy of the film (Welwyn
Preserve in Glen Cove, Long Island) in this old, decrepit, abandoned foundation.

HF: What brought you to writing it?

Scott: Like I said before, I had just finished my final thesis for college and I
wanted to make sort of a "sequel" to the film... A longer short to compliment the
prequel. 'The Day They Came Back' used to be titled 'The Night They Came Back
II' in early production. Jessica Lynn Johnson, one of the actresses came up to me
one day in the beginning of filmming and suggested since the movie was taking
place in the day, we changed the title, so we did. I started writing the film and
then halfway through pre-production, Chiko Mendez and Caley Bisson helped
write the script.

HF: How long did it take to film?

Scott: We thought we were finished in May 2005 but due to many reshoots and
added scenes, we finished in November 2005. It was good to see that I was
maturing both as a filmmaker, and as a person. There is a clear contrast between
what was shot earlier and what was shot in September - November 2005. Thus,
this called for a lot of reshoots.

HF: We understand that you got Paul Kratka to be in your film, what was it like
having him around?

Scott: Paul Kratka flew out to Long Island in April 2005 for three days and we
shot al of his scenes in two days. Having a Friday the 13th alumni in the film really
helped from both a business standpoint and for the film. There was this feeling of
mutual respect and we will be working on my next project together,
"Breakthrough". I am also glad to say that he will be retiring from his job and
getting back into the acting field. I think that him acting in 'The Day They Came
Back' has really helped that decision as well.

HF: Whats it like working with a bunch of zombies?

Scott: Believe it or not, the zombies didn't scare me, but I did notice that as we
evolved with the shoot, the zombies came out better and better. Special FX
Makeup Artist John T. Farley, Sacred, and myself all worked on the zombie
makeup and victims. I wanted a 'Day of the Dead' look, so I believe we achieved
that with the miniscule budget.

HF: We've seen lots of great pictures of the cool zombie makeup effects on your
site and honestly we think it looks amazing. Were there any challenges to the
makeup process?

Scott: The zombies made in April 2005 were less realistic, and on the first day
we didn't have any Special FX Makeup Artist's, so those scenes were reshot later
on in production. Chiko Mendez called some Special FX Makeup Artist's that he
had worked on from other films, and that's how John and Sacred came on board.
The makeup process was long for some of the zombies, but they understood
that. This wasn't just makeup on the face... It was liquid latex and many other
appliances as well.

HF: There are a lot of movies out there that have small inside jokes or references
to other films, are there any like that in your film?

Scott: Paul Kratka plays the role of Detective Jason Ronner, and the name Jason
is in reference to the killer in the Friday the 13th films. The last name of Jack and
Phil Cardille was named after Lori Cardille, who played the role of Sarah in 'Day of
the Dead'. The name Enrique and Phil are in reference to two cast members of
'The Night They Came Back' who were zombie extra's.

HF: What were your inspirations? What brought you to making horror films in the
first place?

Scott: I've always been a big fan of horror films and love the effect they give.
Horror films are an escape for myself and many other people. I have always been
into these type of films so I know what works. 'The Day They Came Back' was
my first film out of college and it's probably my best work to day because I had
done a lot of horror related projects in college, so for me, this is sort of a fresh
new start.

HF: What has been the highest pressure situation you have been under in recent

Scott: For 'The Day They Came Back', the budget was a big problem. We only
had $3,000 to make this film and that went towards insurance, permits, rental of
equipment (Glidecam, dolly tracks, lights, etc). Even though there was a lot of
stress due to budget, we all still had a great time.

HF: I know this is a pretty common question but what’s your greatest strength?
What keeps you going?

Scott: My biggest strength is seeing a result to something that myself and others
had worked hard for, and to know that people appreciate my work. I am a horror
fan and want to give horror fans what horror films have been missing for years.
So, what keeps me going is the undying passion for horror films and all of the
fans that want to see good horror films.

HF: Other than film making what else do you enjoy doing?

Scott: I love to sing karaoke in spare time. I used to be in many rock bands
throughout college, but ultimately my desire for filmmaking and horror films made
me pick filmmaking. I go to karaoke every once in a while. It's fun for me.
Wearing all black, putting on a show, and getting people to sing along, and singing
the music I love... It's a beautiful thing.

HF: Now, for the big question, Whats your favorite horror film and why?

Scott: There are so many to name, but I'd say it's a tie between 'Halloween' and
'Texas Chainsaw Massacre'. Both were original for their time and both are two of
the greatest horror films of all time. The nostalgic feeling that both films give off is
amazing. I really enjoy those films and can watch them over and over again.

HF: Wow that is so great. Thanks Scott for being such an awesome person. It
was a pleasure getting to know you and we wish you nothing but the best.

Scott: No problem. Thank you for being so kind and be sure to check out the
film, premiering online, December 24th, 2005 at
for a sneak peek.

HF: Before we head out, do you have anything to say to all the horror fanatics
out there?

Scott: Thank you for all of the support and let's not give into these "horror films"
of today. It's time to bring back the old school horror films, and every persons
vote counts, whether it's boycotting remakes of today or not seeing a thriller film
that markets itself as a horror film. We can make a difference and we will. God
Interview done by:
Danny W.
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