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The Angry Princess
Although he had very little screen time in “The Horror Convention Massacre,”
actor Theo Kerg caught viewers off guard with his portrayal of the mysterious
and disturbing killer on a rampage in Old School Sinema’s award-winning cult
classic.  With a lot more screen time in the sequel, “The Horror Convention
Massacre 2,” Kerg is back as the killer, hacking away at party goers and
convention guests in this homage to slasher exploitation flicks of the 70s and
80s. Kerg was game to let us in on his craft and what goes on in his mind when
he’s slashing away at his victims and working with sexy vixens.
Posted on:
September 17th, 2007
HF: In "The Horror Convention Massacre," we didn't get to see you until nearly
the end of the film as a lot of kills were being done from POV shots and the killer's
identity was not revealed until later. When you do show up on screen, it's a bit of
a shock and some of your scenes were quite disturbing. What can you say about
your part in the original "THCM" and what you would do to prepare and put
yourself in the mind of a madman?

Kerg: Yeah, Joe O (writer/producer/director) wanted the audience to keep
guessing who the killer was in the first film so all you see is my hands for half the
movie. As for getting into character I would just drink a lot of coffee (laughs).

HF: We heard you caused quite a scene at Cinema Wasteland when shooting the
original film, interacting with the fans and walking around with makeup blood all
over your body in the bar. Tell us about that.

Kerg: I like the fact that almost anything goes with the Wasteland fans. There’s
never a dull moment in conversation. What really topped the cake that weekend
was the blackout. While I was raging for the camera all the power in the hotel
went out around midnight until 6 a.m. and I hung out until then going from room
to room drinking and partying with everyone. It was a perfect form of chaos. I
hope someone kills the power for the upcoming Wasteland. Please. I know
someone’s got the nerve.

HF: You have a much more expanded part and much more on screen time in the
sequel, "The Horror Convention Massacre 2." What was that like?

Kerg: It was killer, man! I’m ready to do part three.

HF: What is different about you this time around? We hear your look is different,
so maybe tell us about that and why you changed it for the film, even though it
picks up right where part 1 ended.

Kerg: I didn’t know there was going to be a part two and I had cut my hair really
short between the films, but there was a purification scene to make sense of it
all. The killer has to shed his skin, so to speak, like a snake.

HF: You're living the dream of millions of horror fans by getting to kill several
people on screen, including some sexy women (even some who are in the nude).
What's that like and are you having as much fun as it looks when working on
these films?

Kerg: I love it and would like to make a career out of it. “THCM” was the first
movie I was in and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always got to know the actresses a
bit before we did scenes together. I wanted to make sure the girls were
comfortable with the scenes and they always were. Sometimes it would get a bit
hot when we were stuck together by chocolate flavored blood half naked holding
a position for the camera. I would say its very therapeutic being a killer.

HF: "The Horror Convention Massacre" has become quite the underground cult
classic and you've gotten some nice reviews for your work. Do you have any
interesting stories regarding fans, the conventions or the screenings you've had
and how people react when they see you and realize you're the killer from the

Kerg: I got invited to a room after shooting one day at the convention hotel
where three happily naked females were blood wrestling on tarps. They asked me
to join in and I did of course. Andy Kaufman had it right. When I’m at screenings
people by me drinks sometimes, but I’m always changing my look so not many
people recognize me.

HF: What do you like about working with Old School Sinema and their movies?

Kerg: Working with Old School Sinema opened my eyes to a whole new realm of
possibilities which are infinite when dealing with horror. Horror has it all- drama,
suspense, romance, sci-fi, comedy, nudity, and gore as twisted as you can turn
it. In many cases Horror can paint a better portrait of reality because, unlike other
movie genres, Horror is not afraid to do so.

HF: Do you have any other comments or anything else you'd like to add?

Kerg: Well first of all thanks for giving a shit and I hope you get a chance to see
“The Horror Convention Massacre 2.” I’d also like to thank any fans out there for
their support. Is this the part of the interview where people want to hear
something monumental? Fuck it. May the rivers of blood never run dry, for my
heart is the ocean stocked with supply, To all a good day and all a good night. I’ll
see you in horror, bled by the knife.

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