Review done by: Michelle Fatale
Starring: Robert Englund, Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Jay Gillespie, Marla
Malcolm, Dylan Edrington, Matthew Carey, Gina Marie Heekin, Brian Gross,
Mushond Lee, Bianca Smith

Directed by: Tim Sullivan

Story: On their way to Spring Break, college kids take a detour through an
old Southern town. The people of Pleasant Valley insist the kids stay for their
annual barbecue celebration... But instead of getting a taste of the old
South, the old South gets a taste of them!


Directed by the always enthusiastic Tim Sullivan, we are presented with 2001
Maniacs starring Freddy Kruger himself, Robert England. Let me just say I
have been waiting for this movie for almost a year now. I saw a fantastic
Maniacs panel at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors last June in Burbank
where I had the pleasure of meeting Tim Sullivan and a handful of Maniacs
talented actors, upon which they presented a few clips of the film that
contained a slew of slapstick murder sequences which drove the Fango
audience into a frenzy and transformed the room into gitty school children.

Having waited all this time, I must say, it was worth the wait. I picked it up at
my local Hollywood Video first thing in the morning and watched that son of a
bitch. I read a recent review on stating 2001 Maniacs has none
of the fun and gore the original has. I don't think this guy watched the
movie. I distinctly remember saying after the film was over that as much as I
liked the original 2000 Maniacs, this one was much more entertaining. Sullivan
takes the elements of what made the first Maniacs so much fun and makes it
his own. Whether you want to call it a remake or a sequel, it doesn't really
matter. It's slapstick horror at its finest.

The cast was really fantastic. You've got Robert England, a genre veteran. Lin
Shaye who is a cult icon (There's Something About Mary, King Pin, Dead
End). Giuseppe Andrews who starred in Detroit Rock City which Sullivan
produced. Christa Campbell, Playboy playmate. Newcomers such as Jay
Gillespie, Dylan Edrington, and Wendy Kremer who have some serious
careers ahead of them. Very talented bunch. This movie has everything ---
gore, boobs, comedy, scares, romance, beastiality, and more! There is also a
cameo by Eli Roth where he returns as his character from Cabin Fever. This
one is proudly going into my DVD collection and it should be in yours too. It
is obvious Sullivan is a true horror fan and it really shows in his work.

Overall: 9/10
Genres: Horror, Remake

Rated: R

Country: USA

Year: 2005

Runtime: 87 minutes

Studio: Lions Gate


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