Starring: Race Wong, Roseanne Wong, Anson Leung, Michelle Mee and
Ekin Cheng

Director: Oxide Pang

Synopsis: After witnessing a horrible accident Jiney, a young photography
student, takes photographs of the scenes. Upon developing the pictures
she discovers she's not mortified but excited by the experience and
continues on her journey of photographing death.


Soon after "The Eye 2," Oxide Pang went on his own to direct his next
horror movie Ab-normal Beauty. Ab-normal beauty tells the story of a
young photography student named Jiney who becomes bored and
dissatisfied by taking pictures of flowers and scenery, though she is
obviously quite talented. One day while she was out a car accident happens
right in front of her. She turns away at first but suddenly has this urge.
She pulls out her camera and takes as many pictures of the scene as she
can. She doesn't find herself disgusted afterwards but instead she's
excited and satisfied. She has found something that she feels she's good
at. Soon after that Jiney becomes obsessed with photographing death, but
animals aren't enough. How far will her obsession go?

Now, I'm going to try and tell you as much as possible without giving
everything away. With underlying tones of molestation (by other children),
parental neglect, death fetish and lesbianism, this movie has a lot to offer
but with no real line. The movie goes off topic a lot and probably in means
to display the insanity that the main character, Jiney, is going through. But
I didn't feel it was necessary to jump around so much just to show a
character is losing it. The movie did remind me a bit of "American Psycho" in
terms that you really didn't know where it was going and how these people
really were. This is mostly a psychological film where you are witnessing
Jiney trying to control her urge and not end up going to the point of no

This is a very stylish movie, you could even say too stylish. It's seemed
Oxide Pang was trying to say,
"Look what I can do!." I just wanted to say
"Yes Mr Pang thats very good." Don't get me wrong the art in the
movie was quite beautiful (photographs and paintings). Apparently Pang
was show boating. There were a few parts in the movie that seemed really
out of place. Like when the car accident first happens there is slow motion
and really loud action type music of her just standing there and taking out
her camera and taking the pictures. I was sitting there thinking that was
kind of inappropriate. Also, the last 30 minutes, comes out of no where
(sorry no spoilers here). During that it seemed like a completely different

The acting was actually pretty good. I enjoyed Race Wong's portrayal of
Jiney, she did the whole going insane thing very well. But it seemed kind of
misplaced when she played her part of the spoiled rich girl. Then there is
Rosanne Wong's (yes relation) portrayal of her worried girlfriend. There are
a few deleted scenes in the DVD where you can see why a few were taken
out. Some of the scenes would leave you confused and another you would
ask what was the point of that scene? But in all Ab-normal Beauty wasn't
bad. I think if I just stopped it during 25 minutes of the end, left in the
final 5 minutes I would have been more satisfied. But if that's what Oxide
Pang wanted to go for then, whatever.

Overall: 6/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: Hong Kong

Year: 2004

Runtime: 101 minutes

Studio: Tartan Video


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