Starring: Hye-jin Shim, Jin-geun Kim, Oh-bin Mun, & Na-yoon Jeong

Director: Ki-Hyung Park

Synopsis: Unable to conceive a child and young couple adopt a quiet and
loner child. Soon they become pregnant with their own, many months later
their adopted child runs away. Soon things in their household change for
the worse.


I came across this movie while working at blockbuster. At that time I
usually went for Asian Horror movies that I’ve actually heard about. But I
made a jump at this one. Mostly because I thought the cover box was kind
of cool. From the director and writer of the critically acclaimed Whispering
Corridors, Ki-Hyung Park. Acacia tells the story of a young couple that
adopts a young boy after figuring  out they are unable to have a child of
their own. The young boy seems to have an obsession with trees, mainly
the Acacia in their backyard. The woman’s mother deems the boy as evil
while his father’s father tries to spend time with the child. Just when it
seems the boy is getting comfortable in his surroundings, the couple finds
out that they are pregnant. After the child is born, the boy becomes more
agitated and goes back to being by himself. One night after a horrible fight
the boy runs away. They don’t call the police figuring that the boy might
come back. Soon after that strange things begin to happen and the Acacia
tree has suddenly sprung back to life.

I felt that this film was very overlooked, probably from lack of information
about it. The film does starts off a bit slow and seemingly more dramatic.
But soon takes a turn into a ghost story, then to more of a psychological
horror. It starts start off very comfortable where you really do feel for the
family then you really start to feel for the young boy, he has an obsession
with trees because after his mother passed away he was told that she
became a tree. He then identifies that the Acacia in the backyard must be
his mother. Another review I read made a very good point about a theme
of childbearing through out the movie. One scene to mention is when the
boy is sleeping in a room covered in red yarn, which could be a symbol of
the womb and of the mother accepting the child as her own. The movie did
remind me a lot of A tale of two sisters, the atmospheres were very much
alike. The movie turns into a horror story when the father starts to see
crazy images of deformed children haunt his dreams.

You wonder does the family feel any guilt for what has happened? Is
something else going on that they are not telling us? The acting in this film
was fantastic. You can’t really believe how many great child actors there are
out there. But I guess there are many in the Asian countries. But like I
mentioned before you really feel for the characters and that was definitely
because of the acting. The atmosphere was very haunting as well. It’s
actually kind of a beautiful movie to watch. If you see this at your video
store pick it up. If you are a fan of A Tale of two sisters or Dark Water,
then you will enjoy this movie.

Overall: 8/10
Genres: Horror

Rated: R

Country: South Korea

Year: 2003

Runtime: 102 minutes

Studio: Tartan Video


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